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Colin Neslon <>

Hey, my name is Colin. Thought I would submit a Les Paul Style Saga Kit that I built over the winter.

This guitar was originally planned to have an orange base with dripping (or melting) black hardware. This was scraped. The only technique I could think of to spray these intricate designs would involve a fuzzy stencil and, frankly, I was just sick of painting. But now I realize (of course after it's too late) that hand painting and sanding the black drips would have sufficed. I did manage to add create a little pinstripe on the transition to the back.

The color coat is an acrylic lacquer Duplicolor black and an orange from a 350z ordered from One can from paintscratch was just enough to cover the front and sides.

The primer I used was the acrylic sandable white primer from Duplicolor. I simply ran over the body with 600 grit sandpaper before spraying the primer (that was it!). I clearcoated with Duplicolor clear acrylic lacquer. I used approximately four cans. This may have not been enough, as i dealt with numerous sandthroughs, especially near the bottom edge and fretboard edge, and my strap rubber has worn through to the primer.

The headstock shape is a little incongruent with a Les Paul, but i wanted to throw in some metal influence.

Everything that came with the kit was used other than the tuners (which were a complete joke).

From what I can tell (I'm running through a practice amp) it sounds pretty good It plays very well after the correct setup was found. The neck warped quite a bit during the painting process, but a truss rod adjustment fixed everything. I also popped the nut out and filed down some material and extra glue to find the right nut height.

Thanks for putting the site together.


Nice work -- very nice color!

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