Note from GuitarAttack:  This is a great story.  This shows what is possible with a Saga guitar kit.  Lots of great techniques and a very inventive headstock.  It is our hope that you draw inspiration from this beautiful build.

From Jeff Jones

Here's my Saga kit guitar.

My girlfriend gave me this Saga kit for a Christmas present. She's SWEET and so
is the Kit.

I was extremely impressed with the neck. It's very straight & feels very solid with a very smooth edge to the frets along the neck edge.  I have around 50 guitars in my collection (Ed..!!!!) from Gibson Les Pauls, Fender Strats, Paul Reed Smith McCarty & many, many others. My Saga kit holds it's own ground with most of those higher end guitars in playability and tone.

The headstock was the best part of the adventure for me. I took my time designing it to utilize the most of the wood on the block head & with that it's still not top heavy like a few of my other favorite guitars. It took a while to hand cut and shape the headstock and I altered the body just slightly at the horns before painting.

I got the pickguard from Musicians Friend...I'm not sure but I think it was a Colorific brand.  I had a local guy airbrush the paint..his clear coat was not as smooth as I would have liked so I took a very fine emery cloth to it and sanded it down to almost a flat or semigloss appearance.  That seemed to look better and satisfy me. I'm not certain what type of paint he used.

The one live shot is me performing at the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon as 27,000 people passed by my mobile stage that I designed & built into a 20 foot box van.

Thank you for letting me share my Saga kit with everyone.

Nobody's Dog, Jeff Jones



Fantastic guitar!  Keep on rockin' with it!  Send more photos!

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